iPhone now enhanced with video ringtones

iPhone now enhanced with video ringtones
iFonetec released an application for the iPhone, called “VideosTone”, which logically adds support for video ringtones. It can be found in the Installer after the http://app.ifonetec.com source is added. Once installed, you’ll be able to activate it in the settings menu and set the video clip to be used for notifications. The site also gives instruction on how to convert videos for best results as a ringtone.

Unfortunately, the option to add video ringtone to a contact is available in the advanced version only, which comes at a fee. Also, the free one isn’t bug free and in our case if you don’t answer and incoming before the network disconnects the caller, the music will go on (although the video will be hidden). This will either freeze the phone after that or will not display the video in following calls (to alleviate this issues, a restart is required).

source: iFonetec via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

SPRINGBORAD! GAHAHAHAH! (Look at the screenshot where it says it must restart Springboard!)

2. C-Chickie unregistered

I so had the urge to place so many Grandma's Boy clips all over mine...

3. unregistered

good post usefull i do that in a few days

4. unregistered

ALLRIGHT IPHONE!!!...first 3g......now video ringers.....what next MMS?!?! pffft!!! jeez.

6. unregistered

LOL..........I SECOND THAT #9!

9. unregistered

ROTFLMAO PWNED 3g...wow I think I have been 3g with verizon for ....well I dont know....3 years ??

13. unregistered

hater. its okay. video ringtones....wow! I think Verizon will get video ringtones in ....well I dont know.....3 years ??

21. C-Chickie unregistered

Why have video ringers when you cant even see the damn name when its calling?

5. jrcrow unregistered

*meh*..Apple does a great job selling it's innovative easy to use products..with bells n whistles..might as well attach an IV drip to pay for em!. E

7. steviecrackberry unregistered

I'm still waiting for copy & paste?? lol

8. unregistered

what doesnt help is that the media gizzes all over stupid applications. its creates an overhype and everyone freaks out and wants to buy it.

14. EN unregistered

video ringtones isn't really that stupid. This isn't overhype. How is saying that you unfortunately have to pay a fee or get a version that is bugged, not completely safe, and will result in restarting your phone overhype. It's not like they are making it sound like the crazierst application ever. They just said "iFonetec released an application for the iPhone, called “VideosTone”, which logically adds support for video ringtones." where's the overhype part?

10. unregistered

already exists on all other major brands like Sony Ericsson. woo hoo.

15. EN unregistered

they never said it was brand new. they just stated that iphone now has the ability to play video ringtones. I don't understand why everyone is getting so angry and defensive about this simple application.

11. unregistered

What's the point?! I can kind of undertand custom ringers, but isn't the point of recieving calls to answer them, not to watch some video? Not only that, but the video completely blocks out the caller id. At least with ringtones you can still see that!

12. unregistered

Pretty sure no. They blocked out the number in the picture so every idiot that sees it won't call them.

16. EN unregistered

well whats the point of having picture id then if the point of receiving calls is to answer them, not look at some picture. I know that picture ID helps to see who's calling but isn't a the caller's name and number enough? Its exactly the same thing with video calling. I can have a video of one of my friends doing something stupid/funny everytime I pick up. I think that's pretty cool.

17. unregistered

lol it gets video ringtones, my sprint a-900 that i had two years ago did that, once again its nothing new guys... the iphone can't even shoot video.

18. unregistered

you're right. It's not that big of a deal. But then explain why you clicked the link if you thought video ringtones wasn't worthwile. And the iphone can't send pictures or videos either. But what does that have to do with video ringtones?

19. unregistered

omg .... its rihanna X33

20. C-Chickie unregistered

WOW.... your special arent you?

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