iPhone X will be available at Boost and Virgin Mobile on November 10

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iPhone X will be available at Boost and Virgin Mobile on November 10

Available to pre-order starting today, October 27, the iPhone X will be officially launched on November 3. However, only Apple and major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) will actually release the handset on that day. Customers wanting to get the iPhone X on Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile will have to wait an extra week for it.


Both Boost and Virgin Mobile (which are prepaid brands of Sprint) announced that they're going to launch the iPhone X on November 10. At Virgin Mobile, Inner Circle members can pre-order the new Apple phone starting November 3. At Boost Mobile, orders will be open only beginning November 10.  


Boost and Virgin Mobile have yet to share iPhone X pricing details. Nevertheless, we're pretty sure that both will sell the handset for the same prices available everywhere else: $999 (64 GB model) and $1,149 (256 GB model).

We assume that Boost and Virgin Mobile have secured a certain (probably not high) number of iPhone X units for the November 10 launch, even if Apple is dealing with stock shortages, and current pre-order shipping times are far from great. Thus, if you really want the iPhone X and you won't be able to find it anywhere else in the US, trying your luck at Boost or Virgin Mobile come November may be worth it.


sources: Sprint, Virgin Mobile 


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