iPhone X takes the spotlight in Apple's 2017 holiday gift guide

With the 2017 holiday season just around the corner, Apple wants you to know that you can find plenty of gifts on its official website. Thus, the website now features an updated gift section for all potential customers to check out.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the first device that's presented in this holiday gift guide is the iPhone X: Apple's newest, most advanced and most expensive smartphone to date. Sold for $999 (64 GB model) or $1,149 (256 GB), the iPhone X can currently be shipped in 2-3 weeks - certainly in time for Christmas. The (also new) iPhone 8 is also a gift suggestion, but this isn't in the spotlight.  


Smartphones aside, Apple is showcasing plenty of other products that could be gifted this holiday season, like the Apple Watch Series 3, the latest iPad Pro, the MacBook Pro, and the Apple TV 4K. There are also various non-Apple products featured, including an R2-D2 Droid ($179.95) that can be controlled with your iPhone, a DJI Mavic Pro drone ($1,049), or a $39.95 selfie stick. You can see every gift suggestion via the source link below.


In case you're wondering, at the moment, there are no deals or promotions available at Apple. However, the company may have something prepared for Black Friday.


source: Apple  


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