iPhone 14 more popular than the iPhone 13, and has higher average selling price

iPhone 14 more popular than the iPhone 13, and has higher average selling price
It is September and everyone seems to be talking about the latest iPhone 14. This is hardly surprising - few tech companies have the clout of Apple, and the iPhone is the latter’s most important product (at least for now, that is).

However, it is fairly difficult in the midst of such hype to gauge just how successful the iPhone 14 lineup is. Granted, it is an iPhone, so for the most part we are certain it is doing perfectly well.

Nevertheless, new data brought forward by prominent display-industry insider Ross Young paints a very detailed picture of the anticipated commercial performance of the iPhone 14. Essentially, Young is using information on the number of panels Apple has ordered for each iPhone 14 model.

His analysis was first brought forward by 9to5Mac in a dedicated article. According to the numbers, the iPhone 14 lineup is “tracking 6% higher” than last year’s model. In a tweet, Young also noted that the average selling price is 4% higher as well.

Given that Apple did not change its pricing scheme, the increase is due to shifts in consumer demand. These numbers reaffirm most analyses that suggest that users are more interested in the high-end “Pro” models.

In fact, there has been a 18% increase in the number of panels for the Pro Max model, on a year-to-year basis. The heightened interest in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is no least in part due to the bump in megapixel count of the main sensor to 48MP.

In comparison, the standard iPhone 14 is doing rather poorly, with a 38% reduction in the number of displays ordered. The decline in popularity can be attributed to the fact that the iPhone 14 shares a processor with last year’s iPhone 13. Hence, the incentive to “upgrade” is lower.

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