Experiment over: 64 GB of storage is OK, but doesn't provide enough headroom

Experiment over: 64 GB of storage is OK, but doesn't provide enough headroom
Smartphone storage is sometimes a touchy subject. With our handsets being capable of shooting 4K (some can even do 60 FPS!) resolution clips, the days when 16 GB was "enough" are long gone. Couple that with the fact that people do like to carry around actual movies or even their personal music library on their phones, and those precious gigabytes might melt away rather quickly.

It's a hot topic to discuss how much is "enough", but thankfully, even Apple has budged in the past couple of years and steadily improved the storage capacities of its bottom tier devices. The cheapest 2018 iPhone — the iPhone XR — starts off with 64 GB of storage and upgrading that to 128 GB is only $50 more.

Android manufacturers, as always, go super-generous with their options, with Samsung even going as far as adding a 512 GB storage option Note 9, which supports expansion via an additional 512 GB microSD card. Now, that's a ton of storage!

We decided to ask you — how much of your phone's storage are you using right now, in an attempt to see if 64 GB is "enough" and find some sort of golden middle we all agree upon.

Most voters claimed to have less than 64 GB of data on their smartphones right now, which tells us that it's certainly a storage amount one can "live with". However, about 30% say they are between the 64 GB and 128 GB thresholds. And that makes sense — we'd say that's a pretty good golden middle to strive for when picking your next smartphone. Just to make sure it'll hold your clips, apps, and media, for the years it's going to be with you before you inevitably upgrade.

How much storage are you using right now?

Less than 64 GB
Between 64 GB and 128 GB
Between 128 GB and 256 GB
More than 256 GB

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