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This app checks your iPhone for security leaks, tells what to do if hacked

Has your iPhone been hacked? This app will let you know (and tell you what to do)
Today's phones aren't realling calling devices but rather precious little hubs of personal information, from photos through bank accounts to chat sessions and work emails. This convenience is a double-edged sword as you also lose the privacy of said personal information if someone gains access to your phone, and those cases are dime a dozen every day, as not many people are into the habit of securing their handsets, or simply don't know how to do it.

Enter iVerify, a convenient one-stop-shop for everything you are looking for in terms of privacy and security on your phone. The app not only scans your phone and tells you about ongoing or potential vulnerabilities on a system level, but it also offers advice on how to plug the leaks and secure your device further. 

Even if you are tech savvy, follow the latest trends and install all security patches, there's still that pesky fact of the "unknown knowns" as one former Secretary of State liked to put it. The iVerify app would, for instance, serve you a stream of news about new vulnerabilities such as installing third-party keyboards or that you have to disable JavaScript in Safari.

In any case, if you are worried that your phone might have been hacked or compromised, give iVerify a go, it's worth the three bucks price for individuals, and there is an Enterprise version, too. Unfortunately, the "i" in the name for now means that there is still no Android version, but the team behind iVerify is working on that.
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