Google Now Launcher meets its end a decade after its genesis

Google Now Launcher meets its end a decade after its genesis
Before Google came out with its first Pixel phones in 2016 it was making the Nexus — a series of phones to which the Search giant contributed with its software, including the Google Now Launcher, while the other part came up with the hardware and design.

That Google Now Launcher has long been delisted though, ever since 2018 in fact, and it's been replaced by the Pixel Launcher instead. But when an app is delisted it merely means that it is no longer available for download in the Google Play Store. Despite that, users who had the application already installed can still use it, or they could simply sideload it.

However, what the folks at 9to5Google have discovered in their latest code digging session of the Google app (version 14.14) has revealed that the company is very likely planning to finally shut down the Google Now Launcher. The supposed demise is expected to happen sometime during April, which means pretty soon.

Unlike getting delisted, when an app is shut down this means that it will no longer function on any device, even if it is already preinstalled on it. Devices will simply go back to the default launcher they come with. That is if you continue updating the Google app, of course. If you don't update it, you will be able to keep using the Google Now Launcher.

The Google Now Launcher was adored by Android phone owners back in the day, as it generally offered a smoother and more intuitive experience alongside a cleaner UI when most Android skins were still lacking in many regards. In other words, it is slightly sad news in a weirdly nostalgic way, but at the same time a loss that will hardly be felt by many.

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