Facebook will encourage users to accept tracking with this iOS 14 prompt

Facebook will encourage users to accept tracking with this iOS 14 prompt
Facebook has argued that iOS 14’s planned Ad Tracking Transparency feature is anticompetitive, but Apple isn’t backing down and now the social media giant is been forced to create a prompt.

Facebook promises better ads in exchange for your valuable data 

Being tested starting today with select users and set to be rolled out when apple launches the next iOS 14 beta, Facebook’s prompt (via CNBC) will encourage its users to allow tracking across websites and apps in exchanged for a ‘better ads experience.’

Before showing the prompt, a more detailed screen inside the Facebook app will be shown to users. In addition to the more personalized apps, it urges users to accept tracking because it ‘supports businesses that rely on ads.’

Facebook has argued countless times that Apple’s new tracking feature will hurt small businesses. Privacy experts have called the claims laughable and suggested Facebook is more worried about the impact on its own business.

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal revealed that less than 20% of iOS 14 users are likely to accept Facebook’s tracking. That could affect the company’s core ad business and lead to a 7% revenue hit in the second quarter of 2021.

The Ad Tracking Transparency feature will be rolled out to users of all supported iPhones in early Spring as part of the next iOS 14 update.

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