The joys and perils of looking for the perfect phone: an emotional graph

The joys and perils of looking for the perfect phone: an emotional graph
If you’re reading this, you probably like tech more than the average person and that's especially true for smartphones. The best thing about tech is undoubtedly getting your hands on it for the first time. But getting to that point and beyond is a road riddled with peaks and pitfalls. Whenever you’re really invested in something there are always emotional swings involved and getting a new smartphone can be an adventure for tech enthusiasts.

To commemorate that journey (and hopefully bring some laughs) we decided to visualize it using a graph. It shows some of the major events you're likely to experience before pulling the trigger on a new phone and some of them during everyday life with said device. The events are placed on a disappointment-excitement spectrum depending on the emotion that they usually bring, at least according to our observations.

But enough talking, time to slide down the graph and see if it’s similar to something you’ve experienced when buying a new phone.

Excitement levels over time when getting a new smartphone


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