Is that a… detachable keyboard for the Galaxy Z Fold 7?

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Is that a… detachable keyboard for the Galaxy Z Fold 7?
Smartphones got rid of the physical keyboard and now, we're about to get it back: it's just that it's a detachable one!

At least that's what one could conclude after this bizarre finding from the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

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As the report reads, Samsung has filed a patent with the CNIPA for a foldable device that includes a detachable keyboard. There are design sketches of the device from various angles, showing it both with and without the keyboard.

Here it is:

As you can see, the sketches from the patent filing represent a device with a huge display with a hinge at the bottom, allowing it to fold inward.

The keyboard that we're discussing here can be attached to the bottom of the device and folded inward, along with the lower part of the screen.

It is unclear how this folding mechanism might affect the screen's durability. Samsung might use a protective film similar to the one on the main display of the Galaxy Fold 5 to safeguard the screen. The combination of a foldable display and a detachable keyboard could make the device more compact and portable.

If this is the plan for next year's Galaxy Z Fold 7, Samsung is about to completely redesign its book style foldable in 2025. The device in the picture resembles something more of a tri-folding phone than the current five iterations of the Galaxy Z Fold.

However, we could be talking about a completely new product from the South Korea giant that's even further in the future.

Could it be that a folding Galaxy Tab is approaching us? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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