Apple indirectly responds to 'AppleToo' movement in internal video

Apple indirectly responds to 'AppleToo' movement in internal video
While most headlines have focused on Apple’s controversial CSAM plans, inside the company employees have started voicing their opinions about workplace issues like racism, sexism, and pay inequality. Now, Apple has addressed those concerns.

Apple has addressed recent concerns from employees

In a video broadcast to staff ahead of Labor Day and viewed by MacRumors, Apple Senior Vice President of People and Retail Deirdre O’Brien addressed the recent ‘AppleToo’ movement for the first time, but without mentioning it by name.

It’s reported that O’Brien encourages employees who are experiencing any issues to talk to their managers and business relations partners. She emphasized that Apple has a confidential process in place that allows things to be thoroughly investigated.

The executive goes on to note that Apple is “deeply committed” to equal pay and uses industry-wide standards to reach it. If a gap is found, the company immediately closes it, according to O’Brien.

In response to the internal video, one employee told MacRumors in reference to the request to notify managers that "the system is not working... it's set up to work against you from the beginning." They went on to say that often staff are told that their pay is “within range,” giving them no clear indication of why their pay may be lower. It’s also noted that escalating complaints further can lead to manager retaliation.

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As things stand, the ‘AppleToo’ movement continues to collect and report stories from Apple employees around the world. It seems clear that Apple’s move to address the issue isn’t enough, so it’ll remain to be seen what changes the company makes over the coming months to improve its work environment.

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