Apple Intelligence not coming to the EU over regulatory concerns

Apple Intelligence not coming to the EU over regulatory concerns
Image credit — Apple

Apple's latest AI-powered features, part of its new Apple Intelligence platform, won't be available in the European Union due to concerns regarding the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This act, aimed at promoting competition and interoperability within the digital market, has raised concerns for Apple regarding potential compromises to user privacy and data security.

Apple expressed these concerns in a statement to Bloomberg, highlighting the potential impact of the DMA's interoperability requirements on the integrity of its products. As a result, the launch of Apple Intelligence features, including iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, will be delayed in the EU.

This delay could be a major setback for Apple and its users, as it heavily promoted Apple Intelligence during its recent Worldwide Developers Conference. The company dedicated a significant portion of its keynote to showcasing these new technologies and their potential to enhance the user experience on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

Apple Intelligence was announced during WWDC 2024 | Image credit — Apple

However, Apple has indicated that this delay is not permanent. In a statement to the Financial Times, the company expressed its hope to eventually roll out these features to EU users. This would require finding a way to ensure compliance with the DMA's interoperability requirements, which aim to make it easier for different tech products and services to work together seamlessly. Apple may need to adjust how Apple Intelligence functions to address these requirements, potentially by opening it up to work with other platforms besides Apple's own ecosystem.

It remains to be seen how this situation will evolve, and whether Apple will be able to successfully navigate the regulatory landscape to bring its Apple Intelligence features to EU users. The outcome will likely have significant implications for both Apple and the wider tech industry, as companies are faced to deal with the challenges of balancing innovation with regulatory compliance.

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