You can now correct or edit Google Buzz posts directly on your phone

You can now correct or edit Google Buzz posts directly on your phone
If you decided to stick to using Google Buzz over some of the other competing services out there, then this small bit of news might come to be something that's been highly wanted for quite some time. Of course you can Buzz just about anything on your mind, but if you happen to accidentally hit that post without deleting something or completing it on your mobile phone, you'd then be forced to log into your desktop computer to correct it.

Thankfully, the time has come for no more heartaches as you'll be able to simply edit your posts directly on your handset – which makes you wonder why it took this long for this simple task to finally come around. Nonetheless, we'd imagine that there are going to be some people out there who'll take this minor feature to heart now that they don't have to worry about mistakes as often as before.

via Android Central


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