You can make your own nostalgic Nintendo GameBoy case for the iPhone

You can make your own nostalgic Nintendo GameBoy case for the iPhone
You’ve got to love the 80s, it brought forth some amazing memories in the gaming world – it gave birth to the original Nintendo GameBoy. It later spawned a whole slew of upgraded models that really set the pace among the mobile gaming community. The Apple iPhone in a way is following the same path with its increasing market share and development of games for the platform. Now you can have the best of both worlds with this do-it-yourself case that’ll mesh the classic Nintendo GameBoy look on your iPhone. Here’s what you’ll need – an iPhone, a clear case, scissors, pencil, hole-puncher, and this printable template. Following the careful instructions, you can craft your very own case that’ll show your love for the nostalgic gaming system. We have to admit that there’s a lot of work involved with this, but paying meticulous attention to the project can yield you one eye catching case.

source: instructables via TechEBlog



1. jrcrow79

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2. tuminatr

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i can put one in a plastic bag too, do you want to write a story about that ? I have also herd the guy from will it blend put one under the knife too

3. corporateJP

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LOL (to your first sentence anyway).

4. illallowit

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I don't know, if I had an iPhone I would rock that. It's pretty rad...

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