Windows Phone gaining momentum against BlackBerry OS

Windows Phone gaining momentum against BlackBerry OS
It's obvious that not all is fine and well in RIM's kingdom, but things may be even worse than they seem, as it's reported that almost all participants at AppNation, a panel on mobile platforms, have come to an agreement that Microsoft's Windows Phone rather than RIM's BlackBerry OS will be the number three mobile platform in the foreseeable future.

Among the audience at AppNation are developers and marketers from app companies, as well as reps from carriers, chipset makers and other figures from within the mobile industry.

They all seem to agree that RIM has entered a downward spiral from which it may be unable to recover. That's made only worse by Microsoft's huge pile of cash, which will allow it to "buy success", or, as one mobile developer said:

"Microsoft is buying developers and it will buy distribution."

Moreover, Nokia's decision to embrace Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform surely bodes well for WP's future.

For this reason or another, it's reported that developers are starting to shift their attention and resources from BlackBerry OS to Windows Phone - a sure sign which way the wind blows, while iOS and Android are still the leaders of the pack.

Moreover, only one of the attendees at AppNation defended RIM by saying its new QNX-based OS (our PlayBook QNX Walkthrough) has "some noteworthy touches". Despite that, when the participants there were asked "does anybody think RIM will still be around in 2015", the question was met with deafening silence.

source: Business Insider

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