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Wi-Fi Sense feature for Windows Phone 8.1 appears on video

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Wi-Fi Sense feature for Windows Phone 8.1 appears on video
You might recall that last month we showed you some images discovered of some of the Wi-Fi settings on Windows Phone 8.1. These images revealed that the Wi-Fi settings will include a feature that can turn connectivity back on based on a timer that can be set for 1 hour, 4 hours or 1 day. The user can also manually turn on Wi-Fi. The feature, called Wi-Fi Sense, will require that you opt in to Location services.

This morning, we now have more than a static image of Wi-Fi Sense. The clip is all of 34 seconds long and shows the same options that we discussed back in February. Wi-Fi Sense will come in handy when you know that you're going to be away from a Wi-Fi signal for a known time period. And as we noted in the previous story, if you need to turn off Wi-Fi for longer than 4 hours (for example, when you're at work), Cortana can handle that request with settings changes based on whether you're at home or work.

To check out Wi-Fi Sense inaction, click on the video below.

source: UnleashThePhones via WPCentral

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