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Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
When it comes to game/product matchups, it's hard to imagine a better combination than Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Google Earth, so it's a little amazing that the idea hadn't been put into action before. To be fair, Carmen Sandiego as a character and a video game had its hay day back in the 90s, but now that there's a new show on Netflix, we're glad to have more games.

If you're not familiar with Carmen Sandiego, she's a detective tasked with catching thieves who tend to have a lot of extra money to fly around the world trying to escape. It's an educational game designed to help kids learn about geography and learn new things about different countries. As Carmen, you visit landmarks in different cities asking locals about the thief you're trying to catch. The clues you gather will help you build a profile of the suspect -- which you need to get a proper arrest warrant -- but you'll need to learn about different countries in order to follow the clues to the next destination.

Google says there will be a series of missions coming to Google Earth, the first of which is called The Crown Jewels Caper. It's available on the web as well as in the Google Earth apps for iOS and Android. Google said you just have to keep an eye out for a special edition Pegman icon in Google Earth to get the game started.

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