WhatsApp on Android to get picture-in-picture mode soon

WhatsApp on Android to get picture-in-picture mode soon
The iOS version of WhatsApp was earlier this year updated with a nifty picture-in-picture (PiP) feature that allows users to watch videos from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube without leaving the chat app. What's more, a video could be played outside of the chat session where it was received, meaning users could navigate other conversations within WhatsApp while the video is rolling.

The PiP feature is now coming to the Android version of WhatsApp, though you're going to have to wait a while, as the new update has just been submitted via the Google Play Beta Program. This according to a new report from WABeta Info.

The functionality is expected to remain unchanged from the iOS version of WhatsApp and will likely roll out to Android devices in the near future.

In other news, Facebook wants WhatsApp to be used by businesses to contact users, while ads are expected to roll out to the popular chat client, starting next year.

source: WABeta Info




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Pip for video. Call is available since long time and pip in YouTube is also available. I think they just creating shortcut to play pip via YouTube

2. antmiu2

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English please

3. andynaija

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Use your brain please.

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