Meet the crazy nubia-α, a cell phone on your wrist

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Do you remember that nutty Lenovo wrist phone concept that was slapped to wrap around the hand of its wearer during a presentation last year, and touted as the future of mobility? Well, Nubia, an offshoot brand of ZTE, has created a similar wearable phone, but it's not in the concept stage anymore, and will reportedly be released next quarter.

As you can see in the promo video above, the device sports a flexible screen, likely of the OLED variety, and 4G LTE cellular connectivity, so you can answer calls, use apps, and browser notifications. If you say that's a glorified smartwatch, we'll beg to differ, as it's a glorified smart bracelet. 

We kid, but it's not clear yet what this thing runs, we just know you can communicate and run apps from your wrist, and there is also a largish camera that can shoot high-res photos. In addition, the nubia-α sports a special proximity sensor that can adjust the screen orientation for the right angle no matter how you look at it. Sounds like a wearable winner, but we'll have to wait on all the specs and the pricing before we pass a verdict on this crazy wrist phone concept.

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