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Wearable Widgets puts your favorite widgets from your smartphone to your smart-watch


Developer: Udell Enterprises Inc.Download: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

Has your Android Wear device shipped already? Or maybe you're still rocking a Sony SmartWatch? Perhaps you're even a Google Glass Explorer! Whatever the case may be, Wearable Widgets is an app you'll appreciate if you're having a tough time getting your favorite widgets to work on your wearable. The app opens up a "bridge" from your smartphone to your wearable for most widgets available on Android - news, sports scores, social updates - and does its best to fold them into an appropriate format for tiny screens.

Wearable Widgets can be used with Android Wear, Sony SmartWatch 1 & 2, and Google Glass, while Samsung Gear (Tizen-based) support is being worked on. To use it with an Android Wear device, pair the watch to your phone, install Wearable Widgets, select your widgets, and say "Ok Google, start widgets!". Sony's SmartWatches need the Sony Smart Connect app installed on your phone. Run Wearable Widgets, select a widget from the list that pops up, and tap the "W" icon that shows up on the watch's home screen. Finally, Glass users should head to http://wearablewidgets.com/glass/ to start the procedure.

Wearable Widgets is free and supports unlimited usage of one widget at a time. Multiple widget support can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. The developers sincerely admit that not all widgets work equally well on every device, and there's a "bit of lag" between the wearable and phone. But the app is evolving, and at some point, the bugs will be flattened out.
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