Vivo X6 proves faster than an iPhone 6s, 4GB of RAM confirmed (video)

The upcoming Vivo X6 is shaping up to be one juggernaut of a phablet, with a rumored 6" Quad HD display with Force Touch tech, 4 GB of RAM, 21 MP camera and a large 4000 mAh battery, among other niceties. 

After teasing us yesterday with the X6 boxing material, Vivo today seemingly confirms that the X6 will indeed sport 4G of RAM, with the jolly GIF picture that you see here.

Bragging about being able to run much more apps at once without skipping a beat is nothing without proof, though, and someone has taken care of that by posting the video you see below on the Chinese version of YouTube. There an alleged Vivo X6 gets compared to an Apple iPhone 6s, and seemingly manages to open apps faster. 

The kicker with the Vivo X6, however, is supposed to be a 1 GB of dedicated graphics RAM, elevating the total amount on the handset to 5 GB RAM, which would be a first for a phone, so hopefully an actual announcement is as imminent as these teasers are suggesting. The phone is expected to come in several colors, too, among which we have (surprise, surprise) gold and pink versions.

source: Vivo via G4Games

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