Video shows you how to activate Google Assistant on your headset

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Last week, we told you about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, the first set of headphones that allows you to integrate with Google Assistant while you're wearing them. As we told you in our original story, the QC 35 II has a button on the left "ear cup" that sets off the virtual assistant. You can also hear through the headset incoming texts read to you, along with events selected from your calendar, and more.

While these Bose headphones were introduced last week, Google released a video just yesterday that shows the steps necessary to activate Google Assistant from what Google calls "Headphones optimized for the Google Assistant." You can even connect to Google Play Music stations and listen to your favorite songs. And if you're a news junkie who feels cut off from the world without a news fix, say "Play the news" to get a summary of top stories ripped right from the wire by news organizations like CNBC, CNN and NPR. You can even say "Call Dad" to get connected to friends or family via a phone call.

Of course, for this to work you will have to pair the headphones with your Android or iOS powered phone using Bluetooth. Once the headset is synced to your handset, push the Action button on your headset, and you're connected to your virtual personal assistant.

source: Google

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