Video shows BlackBerry Essex in action

Video shows BlackBerry Essex in action
It has been a while since we heard anything new about the BlackBerry Essex. Thanks to Salomondrin, the guy who gave us all those Storm2 videos months before it's launch, we have some video and new information on what is the follow-up to the Tour 9630. Although there is no number placed on the device yet, talk is that the Essex will be the 9650 and is essentially the same phone as the Tour with a few changes. The first change is that the Essex will have Wi-Fi. It looks like the days of RIM releasing 'Berry models without Wi-Fi are over. Another thing that is over is the use of those litle round trackballs. Trackpads are in at RIM and with no moving parts (other than your finger), there is no chance for wear or tear.The Essex is also expected to come with 2GB of internal memory which gives you some storage room even without having to own a microSD card.

Salomondrin says that his Essex is a Sprint model and that is where the handset is expected to be released first. He adds that he has heard that Big Red will have the same device, although they are calling it a "Trackpad Tour". We have already reported on the report that the Essex might be the recipient of an upgraded camera and side by side pictures taken with a Tour and the Essex seem to prove that it is true. One rumor that had the Essex sporting a faster processor and more flash memory than the Tour has been shot down. Both devices have 256MB of flash and both use the same processor. No word on a possible launch date or pricing info.

source: Salomondrin

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