Verizon's new PopData sessions are time-limited windows of unlimited data transfer

Verizon has announced PopData, a feature that allows all Verizon subscribers to engage in sessions of unlimited data transfer for a fixed prepaid amount. 

There are two PopData session types available. A 30-minute session costs $2 while a 60-minute one will set you back $3. Once you start a PopData session, you'll be able to transfer as much data as you want through Verizon's network without the data counting towards your monthly data allowance. 

Verizon says that its PopData sessions will not allow tethering. Furthermore, you'll need to make sure that you have good 4G LTE coverage, as the session's timer will keep going even if you revert to a 3G connection. On the upside, Big Red says that will not allow you to go on a PopData session if it finds that local network capacity isn't ready to cope with high-volume data transfer. 

Verizon's PopData sessions appear to be the perfect fit for when you're looking to download very large files on your smartphone or tablet in a short period of time. It's also the best way to ensure that watching a full-resolution movie while on the go will not eat up through your entire monthly data quota. 

While T-Mobile and Sprint have introduced new unlimited plans that imply the conversion of videos to lower resolutions, Verizon is sticking to its philosophy of limited data buckets. With these new PopData sessions, however, Big Red is offering a bit more flexibility at times when you need to transfer high volumes of data through the carrier's wireless network.

If your data consumption has occasional peaks throughout the month, Verizon's PopData feature will be able to keep your monthly quota in check while also leaving room for unlimited data transfer to happen during certain intervals.

What do you guys think of Verizon's new PopData feature?

source: Verizon


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