Verizon's Smart Energy bundles are live, company looking to expand them

Verizon's Smart Energy bundles are live, company looking to expand them
After the launch of the trial version in December 2010, Verizon’s Smart Energy home project finally went live a couple of months ago allowing customers to remotely lock doors, manage lighting and heating, and even spy what’s happening at their homes over the installed cameras. The company is also planning on expanding their offers through more smart home devices in the months to come. With the option to control your home smartly via your smartphone, the home automation tools seem like a thing many homes would have in the near future.

When it comes to the Smart Energy product sales up until now, the company’s bundles that have proven more popular than the stand-alone solutions, Verizon’s Director of product development, Home Monitoring and Control, Ann Shaub, said.

Interestingly, the company is not marketing its home energy bundles as energy-saving solutions, so that’s one thing to also take into account.

Verizon partners with Ingersoll Rand for its security portfolio, and Aeon Labs for thermostats and energy readers, but as the offers expand more companies may join the partnership. What we know, though, is despite the lack of hard sales figures Verizon confirmed that the Smart Home division is here for good.

source: Verizon via GigaOM

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