Verizon's Shammo doesn't think users will adopt Edge upgrade plans

Verizon's Shammo doesn't think users will adopt Edge upgrade plans
We've gone through both Verizon's Edge frequent update plan, and AT&T's Next plans and neither seems like a good idea. Even if you want to upgrade very frequently, you are often better off signing up for a normal plan and cancelling with the early termination option. At least that way you can keep the device you pay for. Well, surprisingly, Verizon's CFO Fran Shammo says he doesn't expect users to adopt Edge plans either.

It sounds like Shammo expects the Edge plans to only be adopted by a small group of users who will take advantage of the frequent upgrades on a consistent basis. Shammo confirmed that Verizon "will not touch [its] service pricing," meaning you won't be getting a good deal for paying extra on your device. Shammo also doesn't expect the Edge plans to have much of an effect on Verizon's financials. 

Of course, Verizon's financials are looking pretty good anyway, as we saw with its quarterly earnings report

source: Reuters


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