Verizon hits the switch on for a BOGO offer on its KIN phones

Verizon hits the switch on for a BOGO offer on its KIN phones
So how can one simply erase the memory of a phone that failed to capture the attention of consumers, how about by throwing a buy one, get one free offer? It's difficult to say what Verizon's stance was after the plug was pulled on Microsoft's KIN phones, but one thing is looking clear right now, they probably have a lot of KIN phones just sitting around and collecting dust. We've seen both KIN handsets receive price drops to hopefully mark a last ditch effort in pushing out excess handsets – the KIN ONE is selling for $29.99 and KIN TWO for $49.99 on-contract. Checking out Verizon's web site, you can find both the KIN ONE and KIN TWO being thrown into their usual BOGO offer. We'd imagine that this would be just yet another process in expediting any of their left over stock out of their hands. As much as this memory might soon become left in the dust, there's no arguing that Microsoft will be looking ahead and placing a good deal of attention on their upcoming line of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

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Microsoft KIN TWO Specifications | Review

source: Verizon

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