Verizon brochure touts BES 5.0 on BlackBerry Storm2

Verizon brochure touts BES 5.0 on BlackBerry Storm2
A tipster has passed along to BGR a Verizon written brochure that touts all of the good reasons why you should combine the BES 5.0 your company uses with the upcoming BlackBerry Storm2 9550. Whether it is putting a follow-up flag on your email-just like you do with that big unwieldy PC at the office, or carry your important files with you for that all important meeting about the Henderson account, Big Red has a solution that involves the use of the handset. The bottom of the brochure says to activate your Storm2 today and suggests you speak to your IT administrator about hooking up the phone with a number of different servers. Of course, this brochure wasn't meant to see the light of day until Verizon and RIM get around to actually introducing the model first. If you were to storm (no pun intended) into your IT department today and demand some hook-ups for the 9550, you might find yourself tossed out the door. So for the health of all of you future Storm2 enterprise users out there, let's hope this device finally gets announced with a launch date not too far away.

RIM BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Preliminary Specifications | Preview

source: BGR

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