Verizon and Apple may not see eye-to-eye on contract terms

Verizon and Apple may not see eye-to-eye on contract terms
A Verizon branded iPhone may be harder to attain for the number 1 carrier in the US, as Apple’s contract terms may be something that cannot be agreed upon.

All of the stories regarding the imminent arrival of the Apple iPhone on Verizon are starting to be weighed down by stories that refute it. This is another one that acknowledges the bumpy road ahead for Verizon if they wish to add one of the top-selling smartphones to their family of devices.

It seems as though Verizon is unwilling to enter a love triangle with the iPhone and their current (and future) Android devices. Adding the iPhone to their lineup under certain terms may damage their relationship with the popular Google platform.

Android has been a part of the Verizon foray of phones for a decent amount of time, and has become their greatest attraction with phones like the HTC Droid Incredible, the Motorola Droid and the Motorola Droid X. The fear is that an iPhone will cannibalize Android sales, much like the way the Apple iPad has cannibalized notebook and netbook sales.

So what do you think of the CEO of Verizon making it known that an iPhone may be difficult to get for their network? Do you think that carrying the iPhone will cannibalize sales on Android phones? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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1. BlackberryUser

Posts: 609; Member since: Jun 26, 2009

Verizon and Apple couldn't agree to terms when this originally came out, isn't that why it didn't hit Verizon first?

2. cj100570

Posts: 204; Member since: May 12, 2009

A. Verizon doesn't need the iPhone. They do just fine without it. B. The iPad hasn't cannibalized the sales of note/netbooks, the sales were already down & falling fast before the iPad was even introduced.

3. vzw emply unregistered

Who Gives a sh*& about that damn I-Phone. I hope we never sale that thing. The droids are all we need and with each phone that comes out being better than the last in no time that phone will be a memorie.

7. lexus unregistered

i agree with you. bt there a number of reasons it would be good to have a vzw iphone. 1. sales. people want the iphone.(dont know why personally.) we would sell tons of them 2. in a market where all areas are saturated with so many phones this would create growth. and vzw wants to growand have more customers. 3. we would have the best lineup of phones. android and all their amazing greatness and an iphone.come on can we say good day to att if we got the iphone and had android. who would stop vzw? no one sprint and tmobile dont have the coverage or customer base and att if they lost 25% of their customers to vzw if we got the phone att has no way to gain those customers back we all know the torch is a failure with them right now.

8. jtucker1987

Posts: 89; Member since: May 06, 2010

Think all you want, the iphone is not a crappy phone. You cannot deny that the app quality is higher than that of android and do not say anything about fart apps because all app stores have crappy apps. I am talking about the top of the line ones. One of the problems with android on verizon is that verizon is taking advantage of the "openness" of the operating system and starting to either lock features or putting their crappy software on it and its only the beginning. First, verizon made vz navigator permanent on android 2.2 without being able to get rid of it unless you root it which most people won't do. How long before their music store takes over the amazon store? How long before vcast software becomes higher priority than the standard android apps? The fairness of openness should go both ways, for whatever they put on it you should be able to take it off. You cannot deny it. The one thing the iphone has over android is that apple will never allow carriers to put anything on their devices. Apple will not even let carriers put their logo on the phones!! For people who are misreading this message please don't. Android is a great operating system BUT because of carriers like Verizon, its going to start to become something of PC's where manufacturers were competing with one another by putting crapware on their computers. To be truly open, you should be able to uninstall whatever the carriers install. That is true openness. Someone's argument may be, "but the carriers subsidize it for you and they should be able to do whatever they want." If this is true then what about the people who pay full retail for the device. Should they have the ability to take software off? If you do not believe me there have been many articles recently that criticize Verizon and other carriers around the world who are taking advantage of android and destroying the operating system. I'm not trying to make android sound like crap (because it's pretty damn cool) I'm just defending apple since they do not let their operating systems become destroyed like android does. One thing I left out is that Verizon is going to compete with the android market. Honestly I think the apps in the android market will be much better than the Verizon app store plus they will be more expensive. In my honest opinion, if Verizon did a hands off policy with both the iPhone and android then both will be successful.

17. narley21 unregistered

wow you should really be more productive during your day... ha ha ha

26. phxjv unregistered

Stop saying "we" like you own part of verizon. Ive been with verizon and ive never referred to them as "we" like im part of the team. All these companies care about his making money. They don't think twice about you. So enough with the "we" already

28. Cali_E

Posts: 196; Member since: Sep 24, 2008

even though i hate the iPhone you have a very valid point! its so true. Verizon forced samsung to put bing as the default services for the fascinate just because they didnt want to label it as DROID. they wanted it labled as a galaxy s phone. so they crippled what is by far the best android phone we've carried to date. yes you can still download maps and its rumored that with a 2.2 upgrade you can download and default google services, but still. +1 jtucker

30. ihateapple unregistered

You ever think that maybe he's an employee, tough guy? Because, if he is, that perfectly justifies "we". Thank you and STFU

4. iphone lover unregistered

who cares bout the iphone on verizon, like the other guy said verizon doesnt need and iphone they have androids which spect wise they are way better than the fukin iphone the only advantage about the iphone is the apps, big deal my niece's shitty boost mobile phone has apps

5. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1245; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

Verizon & Apple are too much alike to get along.

25. cellgeek82

Posts: 518; Member since: Dec 20, 2009

Two dictators can't have peace together. Verizon and Apple are both great but are also equally power hungry!

29. Cali_E

Posts: 196; Member since: Sep 24, 2008

true, but i think that apple is just not budging all together. they just want the service and for Verizon to have nothing else to do with it which is just not the way Verizon operates

6. specialchild unregistered

I totally agree I had the iPhone and dropped it quick since ATT and their 3G network is a joke and then got myself a Droid and couldn't be happier. As long as Apple holds the iPhone back from progressing like Android (aka Flash support, better/unrestricted apps, expandable memory, etc.) Verizon will never need the iPhone and in the next 5 years its fall from #1 will be a hard and fast one. Plain and simple Androids wide variety of phones and open OS is amazing and only gets better....screw apple!

9. Open Network unregistered

The possibility that AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint stop subsidising phones is coming closer to a reality. When this occurs we will be able to walk into a LG/HTC/Apple store and buy a handset pop in a SIM card for the carrier and go to town. We would be billed accordingly and users would pay a lower cost in their bill because service providers wouldn't have to pay Apple or any other phone provider. Buy a Sony TV and then pay your cable provider for the service or Direct TV.

10. big contrast unregistered

Well I for one would give the iPhone a shot when/if it becomes available on VZW. Don't get me wrong, I love my Droid X but being an avid Mac user, there is nothing out there that will sync flawlessly with a Mac, like an iPhone. I've just basically given up putting music or video on my Droid X because of how tedious and lame it is through my Mac. So I for one would appreciate at least a choice between Android and Apple, rather than just having to go with Android by default.

19. cc16177

Posts: 312; Member since: May 09, 2010

If you are having problem syncing your music with your Mac download DoubleTwist (you may have tried this already) it should make the process pretty painless.

31. ihateapple unregistered

Or buy a real computer?

11. 2lazy2login unregistered

WebOS 2.0 device released on all carriers, Android on all carriers, WP7 on all carriers, and iPhone sales will shrink. For a long time the only decent smartphone AT&T sold was the iPhone, so if you wanted a good smartphone your options were limited. In all honesty, the only reason webOS failed was becuase it was locked to sprint for way to long before opening to the world and other us carriers. Android is a huge hit globaly, WP7 will be huge whether you haters want to believe it or not, and a revival of webOS from HP will be good for the market. If VZW and Apple don't agree.. GOOD! Maybe if VZW keeps turning them down, and the quality of the competition keeps improving the trends they are, other Carriers world wide will also renegotiate with apple and stop bending over and grabbing their ankles for apple and Steve Jobs... I don't like apple products, so I could care less, I will never own one for as long as I live, you can bet on that, but there are tons of sheeple that are loyal to Apple and their "precious" iPhone for no reason (like the iPhone users that have less than 100mb of data/month... why did you get that phone?), and they will always buy whatever is new. There are people that are loyal to their carriers (t-mo, sprint, vzw) and won't leave for the iPhone, no matter what. Apple can keep shooting themselves in the foot, it just makes the market better for the rest of us.

16. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

I think iPhones success on att has made u forget that att was the place to go for non blackberry smartphones. Before android and the storm verizon only had the curve. And other blackberrys. Att was the smartphone leader. Them and sprint. They had htc's like the tilt, the touch pro, a larger blackberry selection. The moto Q, which even though wasn't that powerful was very successful. They had a boatload of winmo devices and touchscreen smartphones also including the treo series that every one forgets about as well as nokia smartphones. Do ur research. And people please quitthe android fanboyism. Bashing the iPhone because u don't have one is poor sport. All ur arguments are null except for the interchangeable battery. FLASH: most sites are now doing html5. And flash runs crappy on android. It does on my nexus, my friends incredible, and my girls droid. Or there is an app for it. I use HULU and netflix on my iPhone. Can an android? Not very well. Or not at all. OPEN: please the end user only really sees this in the installation of apps from third party websites. Which also is the reason they need to download antivirus software. Lol ON A PHONE! open means verizon is cannibalizing androids features slowly and you can't do anything about it. EXPANDABLE STORAGE: expandable from 2gb or 8 or even 16 up to 32 GB. Ok great. How many of you actually carry around multiple micro-sd's and constantly remove your battery and switch them out? Very few. It's a pain in the ass. Who would want to. You want storage get a 32 gb iPhone. That's what I did. Now I don't need to get a 32gb sd to expand my storage and it's all on at the same time. Other arguments: you say it's crap, it's build quality is solid. The OS is prone to exponentially LESS crashes. Crap is not the word your looking for. Basically u bash a phone that spec wise matches any android phone for now. And has an ease of use that has pulled millions of ppl that don't know shit about computer or smartphones into it's grasp. It sells more than any single handset for a reason. I know sales are not indicative of superiority, but they sure as hell indicate popularity. It takes 25+ different android handsets to beat iPhones sales. Then again, if it's sales are that good, especially despite certain "issues" (which are very small) then that's gotta say something about how good it is. Basically yes. The iPhone will cut into android sales. And BB sales. Because people will and do want the iPhone. It's fact. And if it comes to verizon millions will flock to verizon to get it. A lot of u missed the point, it wasn't "does verizon need the iPhone?" which was the question so many answered. It was will people buy it instead of android. The answer is a resounding YES not every one. But millions will. Android sales will drop. And most likey a verizon iPhone will see more sales than all verizons androd phones combined.

32. Cali_E

Posts: 196; Member since: Sep 24, 2008

+1 2lazy hell ya

12. LAFAO unregistered

IPhone is a great phone... I don't think Verizon is going to get it... Verizon is just like Apple. they want to much of the profit. So I think it will never happen.. I have an iPhone 4. Had tmobile and wish I can go back and have my iPhone on tmobile. It's alot cheaper and found that the service is almost the same... Miss my tmobile and wish iPhone was able to get tmobile's 3G

13. Just me unregistered

Ok so here is my two cents .I think that all this talk about Verizon getting the I-phone is like asking if Brett Farve is coming back out of retirement...Again! It’s the same story year after year and still no-one is any closer to knowing what is going to happen.

14. Ed unregistered

Who cares about the Iphone!!!! It's overrated!!!!! I've been very happy with my Droid Incredible....

15. DINC Lover unregistered

Personally, I could care less about the iPhone coming to Verizon for my own use. That said, I still think that it should be in big red's line up. I really don't see how having an Apple device would hurt Android sales, the devices are completely different. Plus, AT&T seems to have no qualms about carrying both Apple and Android products, so for Google to be bitter at Verizon for taking on another manufacturer would be hypocritical. Furthermore, those like myself that love open source and like to feel like that actually own their device won't care if there's an iPhone on VZW. The iPhone is sleek, stylish, and easy to use, so let the wive's of the Verizon Android users have them!

24. cowsrockalot

Posts: 34; Member since: Nov 02, 2009

I totally agree with you! We all know Verizon doesn't "Need" it, it wouldn't hurt though!

18. XxVerbalxX unregistered

dont want the iphone for a couple reasons. 1. steve jobs is a nazi 2. verizon employees are so conditioned to bash the iphone and promote android that i really dont think iphone sales will hit their full potential, making apples conditions not worth it to verizon. 3. the longer at&t keep exclusivity the harder other carriers work to top the iphone, enhancing our line up beyond just the iphone, eventually making it inferior (if it isnt already, depends on who u ask)

20. justme12344 unregistered

That is rediiculous to think that having an iphone on verizon would "cannibalize" the androids. The iphone and the androids currently peacefully coexist on the at&t network right now. I dont se ANY reson why it would be different on verizon

21. jskrenes

Posts: 209; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

If you believe the rumors from last time around, one of the sticking points was that Apple wanted their phone sold at corporate locations, the carrier's website, and Apple's website only. Indirect retailers were and still are excluded, and big and small box retailers like Wal Mart, Best Buy, and RadioShack were excluded at initial launch but are included now. With Verizon not putting their corporate stores in towns less than 30,000 people, there are a bunch of customers that would be boxed out of seeking sales or service at their local stores.

22. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

yes, at first it would. but after seeing what has happened with the at&t iPhones, i think people would come accustom to the darkness and see the light. android development is moving faster than iOS ever did, and i dont see that slowing down any time soon. this could be just me, but lets hope that all holds true to form. as i have said before, apple should have stayed in the computer and mp3 business. something that i dont feel any other company can out-do them in. they are way behind the curve now in terms of phones.

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