Verizon Wireless opens up its network

Verizon Wireless opens up its network
Verizon Wireless made what we see as a ground-breaking announcement today, according to which it will allow any CDMA device to be activated on its network, as long it meets minimal technical requirements. This means that anyone who wants to use another CDMA-based device (phone) like those from other US carriers (like Sprint, Alltel or Helio for example) or even from foreign carriers (like Korea or Japan), will be able to activate them with Verizon Wireless.

During a press conference, company executives explain that they envision not only phone taking advantage of this, but also other devices which require some type of interoperability or data exchange - gaming consoles, appliances, etc.

Logically, phones using other technologies won’t be able to work on the carrier’s network. Such devices include GSM (used in AT&T, T-Mobile and most of European’s carriers), UMTS that is also known as W-CDMA (3G technology commonly used with GSM) and iDEN (used in the Nextel (now Sprint) for its “Walkie-Talkie phones”).

The whole idea is anyone who wants to create own hardware and sell it will be able to do so. For example Me&You Inc will be able to create the hardware, install Google Android OS and then if it passes the tests that Verizon Wireless will perform, sell it directly to customers.

This option known as the ‘Any Apps, Any Device’ will be available for customers throughout the country before the end of 2008.



1. The chosen one unregistered

Big Red is now taking over....

2. unregistered

I wonder if blackberry data plans will continue to be mandatory after this change

3. Nong Toom Fan unregistered

To be honest, I don't know if this is a good move from Verizon. One of the things that make VZ so great is that it works on a network that is not GSM. GSM is nice for the world but in the U.S, CDMA is the best route to go. Reason? Well, I'm not tech expert but I do know that I work on an island and the only carrier that works consistantly is Verizon. All the other carriers don't have signal. So what is my point? I have a feeling that unless Verizon has some kind of plan to expand their signal strength or something to that effect, all these other phones brought in from other carriers are going to cause congestion within the network and real Verizon customers won't have quality service. You've heard all these people who unlocked phones and done this and that with breaking codes, I don't trust that. Call me paranoid but I'd rather Verizon be unique and cater to the few than to sell out to the masses and cause quality loss.

4. unregistered

Well if you read the annoucement more closer you would realize that only CDMA phones will work on this plan. GSM phones aren't entirely different so verizon can't unlock its network to a technology it doesn't use.....So CDMA all the way. SO we can get phones from Korea which primarily uses CDMA and use them with their native user interface on Verizon's network.......Genuis move by Verizon as one of the primary complaints with the universal U.I. is......boring same thing.

5. Lorenzo unregistered

Bro with the blackberry its not a requirement by VZW to have a Blackberry plan that is done by RIM thats the onlyway they will provide the phones for the carriers

6. unregistered

wow this is becoming good news. some phones (iPhone, if u want it) is becoming 3g and probably cdma. but i dont know the full news so pls dont come and bag on my pls. if only gsm was 3g and not 2 or 2.5 ah well this is still good news

7. vzwemp unregistered

how do u sell to the few when VZW is the #2 carrier in the US by only a smidge? (we actually have more people if you do postpay only) I dont really see this as such a great thing for VZW, as quality issues arize. Most issues come from the phones themselves, not the service. Adding phones not ment for verizon, even though they may go through some quality control, are still more than likely going to raise more problems then they solve. also, take note that W-CDMA is not real CDMA technology, its GSM based (if you were interested in importing phones). Just be careful whatcha get. As far as the iPHONE, im sure the iphone2 will have a variant for CDMA. They want on our network badly.

8. vzwemp unregistered

you can have a "pay as you go" data plan on a PDA. Its not recommended at all, for your finances, not verizons. Why spend for a device like a PDA if you arent going to use its featuers. And if you are, why would u want a pay as u go that charges per k/b on a full HTML browser?? thats crazy.

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