Update to Google Now gives it conversational skills to help you make reservations

Update to Google Now gives it conversational skills to help you make reservations
Google Now has received an upgrade that allows it to better hold a conversation. Now, Google's personal assistant can go through the hotel reservation you have in your Gmail account and find nearby restaurants. Once your reservation is known to Google Now, you can ask it to show you the menu of a specific eatery that you've selected. And once you're sure that you've found the place to go, Google Now will make a reservation for you using Open Table. No fuss, no muss.

The whole thing can be done in the manner of a human conversation. When talking to Google Now, simply ask "Ok Google, show me restaurants near my hotel."

So let's say that you're on your vacation, and have just enjoyed a nice dinner at the restaurant you made the reservation for, using Google Now. You're interested in a little post-dinner entertainment, like a movie. Simply whip out your handset and ask Google Now to show you theaters near the restaurant and you're set. The whole time, you interacted with Google Now as though you were talking to another person.

And you can leave it up to Google Now to remind you about your rental car reservation and flight home, as long as these were confirmed via Gmail. And if your flight is delayed or canceled, Google Now will give you information about alternate flights.

source: Google via Engadget, TechCrunch


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