Unlimited calling to Mexico (and nearly everywhere else) available on Boost Mobile for only $15 per month

Unlimited calling to Mexico (and nearly everywhere else) available on Boost Mobile for only $15 per month
Prepaid carrier Boost Mobile, wholly owned by Sprint, announced a pretty sweet deal for those with friends and family “south of the border” and just about anywhere else for that matter.

Available now is a $15 per month feature that gets Boost customers unlimited calling to Mexico. The company means unlimited too. Best of all, there is not a whole lot of fine print either.

First, the offer expires June 6th. Second, the $15 Unlimited Mexico Mobile feature needs to be added to a Monthly Unlimited plan. That is about it. Even better though is that the unlimited calling is not just restricted to Mexico.

You get unlimited mobile and landline calling to all of Mexico, you understand that. However, you also get unlimited landline calling to 45 other countries, like Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Colombia (see list here). It gets even better though, the feature provides unlimited calling to Canada (excluding area code 867) and unlimited worldwide international text messaging from the US.

Boost’s Monthly Unlimited plans start at $50, but as you pay on time, $5 per month gets cut every six months, to a maximum monthly discount of $15.  So you could be paying as little as $35 per month for unlimited everything, plus $15 for unlimited international calling to just about everywhere else.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the latest and greatest from the major post-paid carriers that it can be easy to overlook some sweet deals, go get some.

source: Boost Mobile via Engadget



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