This infographic shows how much fun the US military is having with VR

Virtual reality is still a bit of a novelty thing among consumers, but for the military, it's just another tool for whipping boys into the shape of men. Let Luminous Group's awesomely detailed infographic clue you in on the various creative uses for VR that military forces have come up with. For starters, there's a rad flight simulator used to attract "tech-minded" talent to the U.S. Air Force. If manning a virtual jet fighter isn't your thing, there's a live fire exercise complete with Challenger 2 tanks.

Meanwhile, the US Navy recruits soldiers with a high-speed water extraction simulation where you step into the shoes of a Navy SEAL. While smartphone users and VR gamers are yet to enjoy such polished experiences with their headsets, the money and effort which the military dumps into researching and advancing the technology will inevitably contribute to the immersive, actionable experiences we expect from VR in the near future. Otherwise, the willing and able-bodied among you can sign up for the military and go play with VR and real guns alike!


source: Luminous Group
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