*UPDATED* Samsung Glyde U940 official Verizon release on May 9th

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*UPDATED* Samsung Glyde U940 official Verizon release on May 9th
The long overdue Samsung Glyde U940 has finally shown up in Verizon's InfoManager system. Unfortunately, no release date or price is listed along with it. All that is shown, are the official specs of the device, press photos, and an on-line user guide. However, rumor has it that 2-year pricing will be $299 and will be released in May.

source: Mr W.

*UPDATE 1* We have received reliable information saying that the Glyde will be released on-line May 9, with an in-store release the following week.

*UPDATE 2* The Verizon site now has a picture of the Glyde uploaded, as well as an updated help page.

*UPDATE 3* A few intrepid members of Howard Forum have been able to call Verizon Customer Service (starting April 30) and order the Samsung Glyde. Pictures from user IamRyan.

*UPDATE 4* Two YouTube videos of the Glyde taken by Howard Forums user Cstmstyle.


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