U.S. Android users rely on carrier's 3G network to view 72% of their mobile video

U.S. Android users rely on carrier's 3G network to view 72% of their mobile video
More so than users of other platforms, those in the U.S. with phones running on Android put a great deal of reliance on their 3G carrier when viewing video. This shows up in some statistics released by video ad network Rhythm NewMedia. The numbers show that 72% of video watched on an Android handset is transmitted over a 3G network while the remaining 28% is sent to the viewer over Wi-Fi. As a comparison, 56% of video viewed on an iPhone comes over 3G with Wi-Fi transmission accounting for the remaining 44% Part of the reason for the difference between the two could be due to the ability of Android users to watch HD quality YouTube videos over 3G. iPhone users must be using Wi-Fi to view a crystal clear picture from the video site. In the States as a whole, 53% of videos are viewed over 3G while 47% travel over Wi-Fi.

Some other interesting statistics gleaned from Rhythm NewMedia's Q2 report include the fact that because smartphones are carried throughout the day, there is no evening "Prime Time" like there is when television viewers  flock to their sets after dinner.The ad network says that the number of people in the U.S. viewing mobile video content will grow 30% in 2010 as more and more Americans become smartphone owners with the capability of viewing many different applications with video content.

source: RhythmNewMedia


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