Touch Pro 2 probably destined for T-Mobile?

Touch Pro 2 probably destined for T-Mobile?
We’ve seen almost every wireless carrier in the U.S. offer some variant of HTC’s Touch Pro except for one; T-Mobile that is. Taking a look at their website still shows the aging T-Mobile Wing as their only Windows Mobile Pro offering. So maybe they might skip over the Touch Pro and go right into the Touch Pro 2? The guys over at XDA Developers managed to get their hands on a Touch Pro 2 ROM that may have some ties with T-Mobile in the United States. Some evidence to support this conclusion is that the ROM has the same U.S. country ID code found on HTC’s other devices; the Dash and Shadow on T-Mobile.  And of course MyFaves will be on there as well as YouTube and Telenav. This is definitely good news for any T-Mobile customer looking to find something fresh other than the T-Mobile Wing. Although it’s a bummer that HTC’s current offerings don’t look to be released, at least they’ll be one of the first to get a taste of Windows Mobile 6.5 and all the goodies coming along with the Touch Pro 2.

via WMExperts

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