This girly Android smartphone comes with liquid cooling, racing stripes

Liquid cooling is what hardcore PC overclockers use to keep their high-performance machines from failing due to excessive heat. It is a cooling method used in cars, power plants, industrial equipment and... now smartphones. Well, just one smartphone in particular – the NEC Medias X, which is one of the handsets that NTT DoCoMo announced last week

But why would something as low-powered as a smartphone need liquid cooling? Well, the reason isn't related to overclocking as the NEC Medias X comes with a Snapdragon 600 SoC – a chip we're already familiar with, clocked at its default 1.7GHz frequency. The cooling method was added to provide better heat dissipation, spreading the excessive energy across more of the phone's surface. You know, so that it doesn't get hot to the touch only at a single point during an intensive gaming session. Take a look at the image below illustrating the heat emitted from a NEC Medias X compared to a non-liquid cooled phone. 

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source: NEC Medias

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