The ultimate easy-charge dock station is now on Kickstarter - available for most smartphones


AutoDock represents a thoughtful combination of simple tech that, at first sight, may make most docking stations out there useless. Nothing out there does what this dock station does. When you put your phone into the slot, little arms grab it and fix it in place. You don't need to fumble around to match your phone to the plug at all - just put your phone in and leave it, and let the dock take hold. The idea is that you are relieved of all cable hassle, while also saving dollars on replacing flimsy charging cables. Everyone knows the pain…

The charger pin plugs in without any focused input on your behalf, and can support Quick Charge features your phone might have. The device has variants for USB-C, MicroUSB and Lightning sockets. However, you will need to make sure that your smartphone is between 5" and 6" in size, and has a centered port on the bottom. The charger also supports data transfer and may actually make its way to many computer desks, for it will help you cut cable clutter. “Unplugging” your phone is also quite fun – all you do is swipe your hand to the right of the charger, and your handset will be set loose to pick up. 

Jason Kuznicki, AutoDock's creator, has managed to attract about $20,000 of pledges on Kickstarter so far. Whether the world actually needs such a dock charger is a whole separate deal. However, AutoDock certainly seems like a fun idea, especially with an affordable regular price of $49, and $39 current ‘late bird’ price tag. You can also get discounts for larger quantities.

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