The pCell technology will attempt to bring the full potential speed of an LTE network to your device

The pCell technology will attempt to bring the full potential speed of an LTE network to your device
Meet pCell – an innovative cell technology, which promises to bring the maximum potential speed of an LTE network at your disposal. Yes, you got that right! Thanks to pCell, the speed of your wireless service won't suffer when a lot of users share the signal, broadcasted from the same cell.

But how does it work? As you know, cell towers are used to provide users with wireless service. However, each one of these towers creates a signal cell and tries to avoid interfering with another cell's signal. All mobile devices in a given cell's range share its bandwidth and receive just a "fraction of its spectrum capacity" – as a result, the more data-hungry users gather together, the slower the wireless bandwidth becomes.

pCell, on the other hand, uses a radically different approach. It utilizes pWaves – small, inexpensive radiotransmitters that deliberately interfere with each other's signal in order to create a small "personall cell" around each mobile device. Devices with tiny pCells around them receive uninterupted signal coverage and are said to be always getting "full speed, no matter how many people are around you". The pCell technology is compatible with the already existing LTE-enabled mobile devices, which means that these can effortlessly connect to the pCells and benefit from the full spectrum of their wireless service.

The pCell technology is developed by Artemis, a small company, founded by Steve Perlman. Mr. Perlman has been involved with a lot of innovative breakthroughs, such as OnLive, the cloud-based gaming portal. He demonstrated the pCell technology by simultaneously streaming 4K and 1080p Full HD videos in only 10MHz of wireless spectrum on several devices, which were adjacent to each other.

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pCell is currently being tested across several areas in San Francisco and its is expected that the first commercial deployment will take place in late 2014.

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source: Artemis via Recode

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