The iPhone 6 will most likely have more than 1GB of RAM, and probably get NFC for contact payments

The iPhone 6 will most likely have more than 1GB of RAM, and probably get NFC for contact payments
Yesterday, we published leaked schematics which suggested that the iPhone 6 could appear with the same amount of RAM memory as the iPhone 5S - just 1GB of RAM. With the kind of optimisation Apple is capable of, having only so much memory doesn't sound horrific, but that kind of number isn't very marketable as Android phones with as much as 4GB of RAM are in the pipeline.

Well, it turns out the iPhone 6 most likely isn't coming with 1GB of RAM. A SoC engineer by the name of Todd DeRego has given an educated look at the schematics and explained that it's actually a layout for a NAND flash component - that is, a chip for storing vital information, such as a device's firmware. This means that the schematics don't detail the main memory of the iPhone, but a separate component altogether.

In the case of the iPhone, since iOS 4.0 this 1GB NAND chip has been used for storing the device's bootloader, with the rest of the available space occupied by the "user partition", which contains app and system data, cache, logs, and stuff you generally don't care about in your daily usage. It seems the iPhone 6 will make do with the same amount of NAND storage, which is perfectly fine.

Mr. DeRego spotted another interesting tidbit in the schematics - a NFC chip by NXP Corp, a company that supplies many smartphone manufacturers with them, and also manufactures the iPhone's M7 motion coprocessor. The addition of NFC has been rumored for a while, as reports of Apple's interest in contact payments have surfaced in technological and business publications.

As usual, take these findings with a grain of salt. While the evidence looks convincing, this is the Internet, and its potential for falsifying leaks is limitless.

source: 9to5mac

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