The first public beta of Android was released 10 years ago, here is what it looked like

Did you know that it was 10 years ago when the first public beta of Android was released to the public?

It almost seems like an eternity and the original Android version that was released was way different than what we have today. It was way different than what ended up on the first Android phone also. The T-Mobile G1, or the HTC Dream as it was known internationally, featured a touch-screen based interface very much like that on Apple's iPhone, but the version that you will see presented by Google's Sergei Brin is actually optimized to run on a BlackBerry-like device with a keyboard.

Luckily, Google quickly took notice of the direction iOS went in and decided to change the interface of the Android platform to something similar.

You can also hear the Android dream was clearly drawn from the very beginning: it was not just about the Google Phone, or the G Phone, it was about creating an ecosystem with thousands of devices. This clear mission statement allowed Android to get where it is now: the world's most popular operating system by a long shot. Take a look at the way Google thought of Android from the very start in the video right above.



1. Settings

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Android was created due to the idea of an iOS competitor.

2. worldpeace

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Right... First iPhone released in 2007, and then Google rushing to buy Android inc. in 2005 and starting to make it's own mobile OS since then.. Even now, Google keep using their time machine to copy apple's future innovation. /s

4. Settings

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It's not about features were talking here, we all know Android is miles ahead of it. It's just the idea of Google buying Android and doesn't know what to do with it in the first place. Then iPhone came along and the rest was history.

8. sgodsell

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Umm, When Android came out, it offered a real multitasking OS from day one. Plus it was written around Java with the premise of not being tied to any specific CPU architecture. To sum this was its Achilles heel at first, because mobile CPUs sucked at the beginning. Plus ARM CPUs were single core 16 bit and 32 bit processors with no embedded GPUs. As time went on GPUs as well as memory controllers, DMA, IPU, and more were embedded on mobile SoCs. These mobile SoCs exponentially were getting so fast that they can run desktop apps and more. Including VR, AR, with more tools and utilities than ever before. It's no wonder why we still see mobile sales climbing. With over 1.5 billion smartphones being sold annually with Android taking the vast majority of those sales. It's no wonder why smartphones have become users primary computing device. Not to mention Androids agnostic platform helped to propel it, not only on smartphones, but tablets, watches, cars, TVs, cars, appliances, SBCs, Chromebooks, and more. It's why both Microsoft and Apple saw an agnostic platform could future proof themselves as well. Not being tied to any specific hardware architecture helps to protect users applications in the long run. That's why Microsoft has their Universal apps, and Apple with their Swift platform. They both saw that their developers when they compiled and optimized their applications for some specific hardware, and if that hardware changes, then the developers have to go back and change their applications. With Android this was not so, and apps can run on X86, MIPS, multiple ARM SoCs, plus those apps scale better. Now today for every app that is added on Apple's app store 3 are added on Android or Google's play store. Look at Apples latest iPhone X. Developers have to make their iOS apps work on the iPhone X's new display. You don't see that on Android, because it scales very nicely. Say what you want about Android, but it is here to stay, and is leading the way.

9. mikehunta727 unregistered

Dude use paragraphs... And I will say this, bragging about the Play Store having more apps is nothing to brag about, there's a lot of trssh on the Play Store, you can type in WhatsApp and get 7 different entries with the apps all using the icon, etc, there was even a fake WhatsApp that got many installs and was high up on the top free list, that looked just like the real thing Google really needs to clean up the Play Store, quality over quantity of apps, screen every single app, and don't let your Play Protect malware scanner try and protect users, it's the worst out of 20+ other antivirus scanner app on the market at malware detection.. Google truly needs to start screening each individual app submission cause there is indeed alot of shitty apps on the Play Store that should never be there

16. sgodsell

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If you really want to get technical, then there is lots of crap on Apples app store as well. Sure Google needs to clean things up more. Now that is all you focused on. Since you like paragraphs so much. Oh, and you missed all the other points. App Annie has 50,000 apps going on Apples app store for a month. Where as Android has more than 170,000 on the play store for the same timeframe. That is just a month ago. Apps scale on Android for years. How is that working on the iPhone X? Yeah, we know Android does that much better. What about Androids agnostic platform and nature? Which Apple is trying to do with their Swift language and runtime. Hmm, what about that? Yeah, Android does that better too. You know what is real funny about the number of apps. Even though there is over 3 million Android apps, is when phonearena shows best apps or best games for both iOS and Android. They always show more iOS games and other apps. When in reality there is more games and other apps for Android. Like tools, utilities, and emulators. When in reality there is way more tools and utilities for Android than iOS, and many of them do more and offer more than Apples wall garden could ever offer. When it comes to games there is more games for Android, including emulators, VR, and AR games right now than iOS has to offer. If you were a developer then you would know this as 100% a fact. But since you are not a developer, you don't see the restrictions that Apples iOS has in place in comparison to Android. I guess that is one of the reasons why Apples iPhones have 14 % of the global market and Android has the rest.

19. mikehunta727 unregistered

There is very little crap on the App Store actually as Apple screens every single app ,. You wont see duplicates on the App Store like you do with the Play Store sometimes, also malware is wide spread in the Play Store due to poor screening by Google. Play Store truly has much more trash on it than the App store, this is easily verifiable by just looking through each catalogue There is nothing else you can say that can refute this because its 100% objective fact I also didnt come at you with the other stuff, was just simply talking about that quanity doesnt mean better, and that Google really needs to clean up their apps majorly. Apple cleans up apps monthly on the App Store that no longer follow updated guidelines, old apps, etc. You still can find Gingerbread class apps on the Play Store easily All I am saying is that if Google did screening of apps individually, the Play Store would be much improved app quality wise and all of Android users will be much more protected than they are now Dude the only reason why Android has such a high market share is because of the amount of devices available from low to high end, thats it

23. sgodsell

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"the only reason why Android has such a high market share is because of the amount of devices available from low to high, that's it". Really is that what you believe? First of all Android OS offers more features and functionality over iOS for years, and it still does today. iOS nonfictions suck monkey balls to this day. You still don't have real multitasking or split screen multitasking on iPhones in 2017, or the latest iPhone X. iOS system setting are still limiting, and restricted compared to Android. You even have to go to iOS setting to change camera settings in 2017. For years Apple has been taking features that have been in Android and have been implementing them in iOS. BTW if it's low prices that has been pushing Androids market share, the there is iPhone SE for $99 off contract. So why hasn't iOS market share grown? You didn't come at me with the other stuff because there is no denying that Android has a lot more apps, and apps that simply don't exist on iOS because of Apple's wallgarden. Or that Android is an agnostic platform from day one. It's only recently that Apple saw the benefits of Androids agnostic platform and ecosystem, and it's why Apple introduced it's Swift language and runtime. So Apple can try and get to where Android is already at. I bet you that Apple would give all of its 250 billion to have Google's Android and app ecosystem. Why? Because even those gingerbread apps can run on Intel based Chromebooks, or Windows laptops with an Android runtime. Apple can't do the same with its iOS apps, because those apps are compiled and optimized to run on Apple's AX SoCs only. Well unless they are Swift apps, which are few and far between. So it certainly isn't just the pricing of a device that has won the billions of users over to Android. It's what you can do on Android. And if you really knew anything in regards to Android, then you would know that Android can still do a lot more than iOS can. Hands down.

26. mikehunta727 unregistered

"And if you really knew anything in regards to Android, " I know so much more about both OS'es than you probably ever will it truly isn't even funny.. my point still stands 100% correct and true, there is a ton of trash on the Play Store that presents a massive security risk to many users, and it's Google's obligation to protect it's users to the full extent, they aren't. I have proved you wrong quite a few times already on PA yet you try and still sit on this high horse lol... quit being ignorant please. There shouldn't be multiple Whatsapp entries, etc on the Play Store, fake Whatsapp trying to act geniune being installed by millions thinking it's the real thing, etc You are blabbering and blabbering but it doesn't refute my point still, quantity doesn't mean quality, when you really look at the Play Store, there truly is a lot of garbage tier apps on there that just add up the amount of apps Play Store has, it is nothing at all to brag about honestly and it is a bit shameful actually

21. mikehunta727 unregistered

You forget that Google's business model is based on ads. The more apps the Play Store has the more ads they can slap every where that's why they don't take the Play Store app entry process seriously

22. mikehunta727 unregistered

I don't need to be a developer to know that there is a ton of trash on the Play Store that should never be on the Play Store, you have no argument here, obviously Android is a more flexible OS than iOS, no one has argued that, my whole point was about the apps on Play Store and how there is a lot of trash on there that should not even ever be there in the first place, which you won't find on the App Store Google has a obligation to protect it's users, and they aren't doing so to the full extent, and your sitting here bitching at me, I ain't Google fam, yell at Google

12. worldpeace

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'Android was "created" due to..' that "created" is just wrong since android already exist before the first iPhone. The first android OS created to rival Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, and Windows Mobile Phone. And then Apple join the game, and google know it will be a tough rival, and then android focusing on touch-screen based smartphone

5. bossmt_2

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Even if you concede that Android changed because of iOS that's it. You don't just develop an OS from scratch in a few months and it be acceptable. Google had been working in the mobile space for a long time as a search engine but wanted more. Android was that opportunity. Reality is that Apple did greatly change the smartphone ecosystem in 2 ways. First was the interface by focusing on touch and eliminating buttons it made phone usage easier for most. While I could use a Palm and be happy, most could not. 2nd and much more important was that it introduced the 30 per month internet plan. For those who don't know or remember pre-iphone on most networks (aka the big boys like Verizon and AT&T) Internet wasn't as cheap. I remember I had the Treo 700p and it was like 45 bucks and the device with a data plan discount was 399 after mail in rebate.

32. Brewski

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Even this demo phone had 3G while Apple had to wait to release a new phone to catch up with Android....

33. skyline88

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iOS? that hopeless OS? mehhhh

6. Cat97

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You don't have to watch the video to see how it looked like: it looked just like the iPhone OS.

18. 47AlphaTango

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LOL! The OS itself is too different from the IOS.


Posts: 316; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

Fugly as usual

11. piyath

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Google always did and will copy Apple no matter what. Google survives because of Apple. Google is just a search engine prior to purchasing Android and YouTube. They didn't innovate anything, they copied and added features, that's all they did.

13. ShadowSnypa786

Posts: 654; Member since: Jan 06, 2017

Why do ya always have a bee in your bonnet when it comes to a company like Google or Samsung copying IOS/Iphone? Every company copies I mean for Android N Google used some of Touchwizz uses's. Sony waterproofed phones now everyone is doing them even your precious Apple. Sony did 4k and sooner or later every OEM will do it even Apple but that will be in 2030 when apparently the tech is "just right" so their fan boys have excuses to say Apple didnt copy just like what they say now with the Iphone X Amoled Display.

28. darkkjedii

Posts: 31760; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

He won't respond.

15. AronWunarso

Posts: 245; Member since: Feb 21, 2016

LOL. Google survived because of Apple? How about the opposite?

20. 47AlphaTango

Posts: 745; Member since: Sep 27, 2015

Opposite? Have you look on the android device which has: 1. A full keypad interface. 2. No Apps or games. 3. No appstore 4. Apps are selected with boxed indication. 5. No internal storage.

24. VZWuser76

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Have you looked at the iPhone 8/X? 1. OLED display (X) 2. Minimum bezel screen (X - unibrow included) 3. Wireless charging (all) 4. The ability to fast charge (all - for extra money) None of those features were available on the iPhone prior to this year's models, and the ones they held back for the X have been available on even budget Android devices. Honestly, if Android had come out first and Apple was the new kid, would you not expect them to offer those features that were popular on Android? It's competition, that's what always happens.

25. VZWuser76

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That's all Apple does now. All these great features people are touting on this year's iPhone models weren't invented or even innovated by Apple. Even FaceID is a technology they got from Microsoft's Kinect.

17. tokuzumi

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Impressive how far things have come since the beginning. Even just web pages in general. Looking at that website they pulled up made me cringe.

29. darkkjedii

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Man how things have changed. Android is king now to me, love it.

30. jonathanfiuwx

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Lol at the comment 3g fast. I know it's 10 years ago but now we look back and say damn... However if palm actually had more app support I think they would have had a great chance since webos was such a great architecture. ... And to the comments... I used to do sales at that time and remember it like yesterday. Blackberry and palm we're becoming hot phones because the Centro and treos, blackberry curve and a few windows like the Q blackjack and mogul. Android came first and Google bought them to get into the mobile market just like Google bought YouTube. Yes it was to sell ads but with those ads they made it a powerhouse. iPhone came out on att and they dominated on customers because of it while competitors developed for example... The LG fusiq the samsung instinct, and a few others to retain customers on carriers and compete. Did it help develop Android today, maybe sure but I don't agree they copied to get sales. The way I see it... The sidekick was also innovative and helped along smartphones.... But I believe palm started it all, blackberry then palm on phones, windows phones, and sidekick. After that... The term PDA turned to smartphone when Android finally came out of beta and Steve jobs called it smart phones. They all copied each other in some way or another

31. odachek

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