The circle is now complete, use your iPhone to control your cat’s diet and monitor heath with Bistro Smart Feeder

The circle is now complete, use your iPhone to control your cat’s diet and monitor heath with Bistro Smart Feeder
Despite the official line that the internet was created out of the roots of defense research, we all know that it was, in fact, developed as a means to share pictures and videos of cats.

Well, our connectivity has reached a new pinnacle, not only do our smartphones have the cameras to capture and record our feline friends, but now we have the accessories to control their feeding, monitor their weight, and stay connected when we are away.

This is all thanks to the Bistro smart cat feeder. This device is connected to your iPhone where you can get up close and personal with your cat, or cats, while eating. What if you happen to have more than one cat? Well Bistro is packed with technology which includes, among other things, a camera with facial recognition software.

That way, the Bistro app can alert you which of your cats are stepping up to the plate to grab a bite to eat. When we say “up to the plate,” we literally mean “the plate,” because the Bistro is equipped with a scale. That way, when you are watching a live stream of your furry bundle of joy eat, you also know how much he or she weighs.

The Bistro app will track your cat’s diet history too. The system records how much food he or she ate, how much water was drunk, and from there you can create your own feline health analysis report. Bistro has successfully surpassed its funding goal on Indiegogo, so $160 (no facial recognition) and up will get you a Bistro smart cat feeder in your house by early next year.

Real-time data about how much your cat is eating? Access to how much your cat weighs? Historical health reports? A live stream of your cat eating? All accessible from your smartphone? If that is not the Shangri La of everything we invented the internet and data for, then nothing is.

source: Bistro (Indiegogo)


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