The Vertu Ascent Ti Neon disclosed in blurry pictures

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The Vertu Ascent Ti Neon disclosed in blurry pictures
Vertu is rolling out a new version of their most technologically savvy handset - the Ascent Ti. The cell phone is called the Neon and its leather back has been replaced with a rubberized one. The manufacturer will offer the gem in four color versions - green, orange, white and pink and their interface will be customized to reflect the outer color. As a whole, the company has made certain, not really significant changes to the phone design, so as to make the device more appealing to ladies - the bottom edge is thinner and less rounded and hence, the phone takes up less space in a handbag. Should anyone actually give a damn about its specifications, well, let´s say there are no differences from the original model - 3-megapixel camera, 4GB built-in memory, Bluetooth and Vertu Fortress service support. The afore-mentioned service includes things like storage of all your personal information on a impenetrable server locked up in an underground bunker designed to survive ICBM attacks.

The exclusive pictures taken by T3 are somewhat blurry, but still reveal what the Vertu Ascent Ti Neon looks like. You can relish the images while waiting for the phone to roll out in October at the modest price of 6,000 British pounds. Can´t wait to get one!

Source: T3



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