The Blackout Pocket is like draping Harry Potter's invisibility cloak on your phone

The Blackout Pocket is like draping Harry Potter's invisibility cloak on your phone
Remember Harry Potter's invisibility cloak? Anyone wearing it would be invisible. While not exactly the same thing, the Scottevest Blackout Pocket gives you the same results for your smartphone. Designed to look like your average, everyday pencil case, all you need to do is put your smartphone inside it and to those tracking your handset via GPS, it will appear as though your phone has fallen off the ends of the earth.

The Scottevest Blackout Pocket comes in three different levels of protection. For $15, a Level 1 pocket blocks RFID signals coming from a digital passport or a credit card. Level 2 blocks RFID, GPS and cellular signals which makes it perfect for your smartphone. This Pocket is priced at $30. Now sold out, the $80 Pocket was only sold to those in law enforcement, government and "specialist organizations." If you have to ask what that means, than you probably don't qualify. Scottevest won't even say what signals are blocked with the Level 3 Blackout Pocket. Perhaps it is lined with lead to prevent the prying eyes of Superman from peeking into the case. Each Blackout Pocket is designed to be carried on its own, put in a coat pocket, or rolled up and hidden inside some of the many vests sold by the company.

Some would say that you have to be the paranoid type to believe that third parties are trying to find out information by hijacking signals put out by your phone. And if you think that turning off your phone takes you off the grid, the company says that even removing your batteries (assuming that you can with your phone) won't stop you from being tracked by GPS. If you're worried about the NSA or the local authorities using their Stingray technology to track you, the Blackout Pocket might be just the thing you've been looking for to enhance your security.

For more information, click on the sourcelink. And sorry, only muggles can buy the Blackout Pocket.

source: Scottevest via RedmondPie


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