Tech gifts: cheeky stocking stuffers, PhoneArena exclusive deals!

Tech gifts: cheeky stocking stuffers, PhoneArena exclusive deals!
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The season of gift-giving is fast approaching and if you are still scrambling to find those small, cheeky, useful little gifts to stuff a few stockings with — check out the exclusive deals that Side Deal has for our loyal readers!

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Snaptain beginner drone with FHD camera

$130 $39

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Drones are fun, but also a bit easy to lose or destroy. If you are just looking to dip your toes in the drone world or if you want to get one for someone who might end up crashing it, this Snaptain model for just $39 is the perfect deal. The fact that it has a 1080p FHD camera is just the cherry on top.

3-pack Mophie Powerstation

$150 $19

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Every tech geek likes to have a topped-up powerbank on hand, just in case. This Mophie pack will let you keep one and gift two 8,000 mAh batteries, which is enough to recharge an iPhone back to full a whopping two times.

They also have USB C ports, making them more modern.

2-pack Anker wireless chargers

$42 $15

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Nowadays, having a couple of wireless chargers scattered around the house is basically a must. With every mainstream smartphone supporting wireless charging, it’s super-easy and convenient to keep your phone topped up at all times. Just have one charger on your work desk and one in your leisure area. Plop your smartphone on them whenever it’s not in use.

Monster Retro Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger

$171 $89

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A Bluetooth speaker is always nice and this retro radio-styled one will definitely fit the tastes of a particular type of techie out there. Also, the fact that it has a wireless charging plate on its top makes it extra-convenient.

Eufy wireless doorbell with video

$299 $139

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Smart doorbells are awesome — you can stream the video feed straight to your phone and you can “answer” the door even if you are not home. Plus, they double as security cameras for your home’s front door.

Vankyo V600 FHD LED Projector

$200 $99

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Projectors are still a viable option for presentations, events, but also for fun time with family and friends. Yeah, it’s winter right now, but a projector makes it super-easy to set up a viewing party at your barbecue. The V600 accepts signal through HDMI, projects in 1080p resolution, and has internal speakers, but can also be connected to external audio.

Shark Ion RV761

$260 $99

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Robot vacuums are a godsend — especially if you have pets around. This little guy works on both soft and hard floors and is capable of avoiding ledges and stairs as well as ramming and damaging your furniture. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can voice-control it, or you can schedule cleaning sessions through the phone app.

Aduro Surge swiveling charge tower

$50 $20

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A compact wall charger with swiveling action that has 9 outlets and two USB ports on it — the perfect solution to connecting all your electronics in one easy and clean manner.

Energizer Eveready Silver mega pack


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Every techie needs batteries… so many batteries. This mega pack comes with either 110 AA or 168 AAA batteries.

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