T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint: which carrier had fastest LTE at the Super Bowl?

T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint: who was the fastest LTE carrier at the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl 53 is history and while it was more of a defense grind than an offense effort that we prefer watching, it was a BIG game.

And while the New England Patriots and Tom Brady were grinding it on the field, thousands at the stadium were eager to share the special moments from the game and the half-time show on social media.

This was a perfect opportunity for carriers to advertize their service and provide the absolute fastest 4G LTE network. So... which carrier did it, which was the fastest carrier at Super Bowl 53?

Which was the faster carrier at Super Bowl 53?

Well, you probably would not be surprised to hear the name of the carrier that won the contest...

Yep, it was T-Mobile, with average speeds of the whopping 101.53Mbps for downloads and 31.16 for uploads.

Interestingly, Sprint was the second-fastest with an average of 93.28Mbps for downloads, but an incredibly slow 2.55Mbps for uploads. Verizon's download speeds ranked third with an average of 72.51Mbps, while AT&T came up last with a score of 34.88Mbps.

In case you were wondering whether those measurements are accurate, they come from popular network testing app Ookla and include more than 100 tests from more than 10 different devices.

Half-time show speed test!

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