T-Mobile makes it official - Samsung Vibrant will be launching July 15

T-Mobile makes it official - Samsung Vibrant will be launching July 15
It wasn't going to be too long before T-Mobile would finally let out the all too knowing news about the Samsung Vibrant's official release. Not long after we saw the high powered variant of the Samsung Galaxy S grace T-Mobile's web site with the words coming soon attached to it, their official Twitter account responded to a question and made known to the whole world that July 15th will indeed be launch day for the smartphone. With less than a week left before the big day, it'll be interesting to see what kind of attention it'll garner from consumers all around as the big day finally arrives. However, the highly touted Motorola DROID X will also be setting sail on the same day, so we'll see which handset consumers will end up gravitating towards. Whichever way it goes, there is one sure thing about the July 15, it's going to be one fine day for Android in general.

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source: Twitter via TmoNews



1. spiceguy

Posts: 10; Member since: Jul 09, 2010

Around July 1st I walked into 5 different T-mobile stores in my area with a piece of paper marked : WAITING LIST, SAMSUNG VIBRANT. RELEASE DATE JULY 21. Under that I wrote # 1 with my name. I asked them if they had a waiting list for the Vibrant. None of them knew anything about the phone and said they dont have waiting lists. I handed them the paper and said "You do now and I'm first on the list". They all resisted the paper and I said, If you want to sell me a phone call me when you have this one for me and I will buy it. a few days later one store called me and said my Vibrant will be ready on July 15th. They said I was first on the list. The guy on the phone said he was second on the list. I knew you could'nt get an HD-2 for weeks after the release date so I took action. (Im happy I never bought one) I saw that Radio shack has pre order but I chose my way insted. If you want one go to T-mobile or Verizon soon and take action. I see ads for verizon but not T-mobile. Ah Well. Later, fellow tech heads. Peace out!

2. mgiusto

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 10, 2010

spice - The fact that even the staff at T-Mobile doesn't know about this device coming has me quite comfortable that I'll be able to walk into any T-Mobile store on the 15th and pick one up. I have already tried to reserve the phone at a few and none of them knew the phone was coming nor did they say a waiting list existed even when I asked for one to put my name on. On one hand I am disappointed that this phone won't sell-out because it is clearly better than the iPhone 4 which sold 1.7 million units in 3 days. T-Mobile, Google, and Samsung just don't advertise for whatever reason. On the other hand at least I will be able to get my Vibrant on release day with no waiting on line. Good luck with yours!

3. spiceguy

Posts: 10; Member since: Jul 09, 2010

Now E-bay has them. That's not for me because of the return and $6 per month insurance factor. More problems with the iphone. Ha Ha Apple! You guys can bite me. The truth is I wish I had an iphone from the start but the cost and at&t bullshit kept me away. My G-1 has been fine for me for 2 years. Let's hope the Vibrant holds up for a while. I'm worried about no front facing camera and no keyboard. I've heard the big screen and swipe will make up for the keyboard and conference calling wont be common for a while. Im looking forward to futureistic phone sex but that will have to wait. 4 days left! Ya hoooooo

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