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T-Mobile joins StarStar Me ranks, use a personal name or number for incoming calls

T-Mobile joins StarStar Me ranks, use a personal name or number for incoming calls
Does your mobile phone number bother you? Would you rather have the ladies contact you by dialing STUD? With StarStar Me, you can arrange to receive a call when the caller dials a unique personal phrase or number. Let's say that you are a New York Yankee fan. You could make sure that callers reach you by dialing the number 34578 (and if you need to know the significance of that series of numbers, perhaps you are not as big a Yankee fan as you think you are).

With StarStar Me, users first make sure that no one else is using the name or number they choose. Once it is registered, you tell your friends, business associates, etc. When any of them want to reach you, they merely dial ** and the name or number, and your phone rings. It could not be any easier! And the service also uses the StarStar Me app, found in the Google Play Store, to help you manage incoming calls. Don't want to be bothered? You can arrange for a written text or audio message to be sent to the caller, telling him or her when you will be available. You can even arrange to have your personal contact information be sent out so that callers can leave info for you on your social networks.

T-Mobile customers can sign up for StarStar Me by calling **63 from their T-Mobile handset. The service is $2.99 per month which will be added to your monthly T-Mobile bill. The service works on Android and on featurephones although functionality is limited on the latter.

source: T-Mobile via StarStarMe


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