T-Mobile 3G to be launched in 27 markets on October 1

T-Mobile 3G to be launched in 27 markets on October 1
After T-Mobile USA launched its 3G network in New York City, it announced that more major markets across the county will be added in “the coming months”. However, there have been rumors that the October 1 is the date. TmoNews now posted another “confirmation” for this, a photo of a poster with the same information, taped “on the wall outside a meeting”. We hope this will really be the date on which 27 additional markets (see a list below) will get the AWS 3G service by T-Mobile.

As it is based on the 1700 MHz UMTS, which is used nowhere else, you’ll need a decent T-Mobile U.S. phone to take advantage of it, so let’s hope the carrier will release some. For now, there is information on the Sony Ericsson TM506, and rumors and/or speculations about an Android powered smartphone, and yet unknown 5-megapixel Samsung.

Here is a list of the 27 markets that should get covered by T-Mobile 3G on October 1:

  • New York City
  • Austin
  • NJ and Long Island
  • Las Vagas
  • Minneapolis
  • Miami
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Orlando
  • Kansas city
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • New England
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco
  • Birmingham
  • Memphis
  • Tampa
  • Phoenix

source: TmoNews



1. unregistered


2. Junior unregistered

My thoughts exactly. 3G?! ZOMG!!!! What is this new technology T-Mobile speaks of and says will revolutionize not only calls, but data transfer as well?!?!

21. CellDilbert unregistered

Wowzers! ANother newfangled device, mabbe ah sould look into gittin teh intranets on a computair now 2. =P

3. rj04 unregistered

pretty late in the game but if their prices don't go up they will have a good product at a great price, atleast in my area.

9. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

I agree with you. If their monthly rate prices don't go up, and new good&better phones are launched; T-Mobile will start to increase its quality.

4. Big Moe unregistered

Is that blue electrical tape holding up the campaign?

6. rj04 unregistered

no, that's blue painters tape, you know, the good stuff. Things are looking up!

15. mfboss unregistered

hahah thats a good one thanks for making my day a little brighter go VZW!!!!

5. dumbfounded unregistered

Yet another frequency! Tmobile, I've had it with you, I'm switching to AT&T.

7. unregistered

What frequency they use isn't really up to any company at this point. Also, when they got 1700mhz they had high and fast hopes for 3g. The government really stuck it to them on this one. If they had cleared off the spectrum on or around time of sale T-mob would have had 3g working by quarter 3 of 07. I know this doesn't mean much to the end user but just thought I'd post it.

8. phillipxenxciel

Posts: 14; Member since: Jul 23, 2008

dammit why 1700.......

10. unregistered

ha ha ha ,,, what a joke Verizon probably will have 4G next year or so... T-mobile RIP with Sprint... yawn.

13. unregistered

Sprint will have 4G before Verizon, idiot.

14. unregistered

And when did he/she say that Sprint wouldn't get 4G before Verizon? It's not in the post. What is up with PhoneArena posters and always trying to prove other people wrong. As if they were geniuses.

16. unregistered

That may be true, but Verizon huggers always present a one-sided view of the industry in general. So when you bring up that VZW will have 4G in the next year or so (which by the company's own projections they won't) and then take a shot at the only company that IS projected to have 4G in that time frame, you deserve to be called an idiot.

19. unregistered

I am a verizon user and a genius. I ate a A1 steakhouse burger from Burger King and no one questioned it. But seriously LTE is coming along quite nicely and have already made the technology work for the most part. WiMax(sprint) is already developed but Sprint is really going to have to slam the market with this because they are still losing customers everyday.(less the last quarter by i believe 3 or 4 hundred thousand so lose is slowing) The main problem with Sprint going to WiMax is that most other carriers with be on LTE within a year or two after WiMax is largely available. Consider that Verizon had 3g services before ATT and still has a larger 3g footprint than ATT but ATT is still larger thru mergers and purchases. So are that many customer really going to flood to Sprint? Maybe for aircards but I cant see the impact being that huge. And Tmobile has a strong parent company and i think will become more of a competitor in the future but adventually they will most likey raise their prices. How do you compete with ATT and Verizon having so many customer that they can call for free? Give them more minutes for the same price. Or if your Alltel give them unlimited calling to up to 20 people.... I wish either Verizon or ATT would make a campaign that says something to the degree of calling plans for people that have more than 20 friends and relatives...or unlimited calling to 60 some million on the same network because real freinds dont let freinds use ALLTEL!! not that i beef i would just really enjoy that campaign

20. rj04 unregistered

you describe exactly what you just did. And for that matter the #11 poster is an idiot. Verizon wont be close to actually launching 4g (LTE) for two years, and that's by their and the equipment manufacturers generous estimates. Also, T-mobile is adding over a million customers per quarter, so that comment is totally incorrect.

22. CellDilbert unregistered

Because we are supder duper smarty peoples! =)

11. unregistered

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all make up New England. Are they saying that there will be 3G EVERYWHERE in those states where there is coverage ... or just SOME of New England? Most likely, only Boston and the surrounding area will benefit from this.

12. unregistered

that's pointless 1700MHz? there is no phone on the market that supports this band. they are trying to make more money fo selling their own crap.

28. unregistered

Currently, there's Nokia 6263 and 3555, and Samsung T819 and T639. Then there's an upcoming Sony Ericsson. And you say no phone supports this - which of these cellphones are not a cellphone? Get your facts straight before shooting your mouth off.

17. some guy unregistered

a company trying to make money?!?!? *gasp*

23. CellDilbert unregistered

I know! How weird is that?

25. unregistered

It's like I'm not in Kansas anymore!

18. unregistered

im sick of these vzw fan boys, seriously get a life or get a clue or better yet get both, t-mobile is a great company with their strengths and weaknesses, and vzw is also a good company that has strengths and weaknesses, these are 2 different companies competing in buisness not in sports so we dont really need fan boys, if i wanted a fan boy i would call their customer service and just get someone who the company pays to hear how great they are or how horrible the other is,

24. CellDilbert unregistered

Trust me. The peole you get on the phone aren't fan boys either. Most of us would rather burn the call center down then answer your calls.

26. unregistered

Uhm, to all you Verizon booty-kissers, just try to transfer a song to your phone. Oh wait, I meant through bluetooth. And then try to switch your phone, oh wait you have to call Verizon and wait :O And how much are Verizon's data/voice plans? I rest my case.

27. MyViewty unregistered

Hey, I have an overseas Tmobile Viewty, KU990, which is a 3G phone (I got it here in the USA) and everything works great YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, picture EMAILS, picture TEXTS, MP3, everything! However, all this talk of 3G here in the USA would I have to buy a 3G phone or will I be able to get the 3G upgrade to this amazing already 3G capable phone???? Just asking,,,Hypothectically : ) Anyone? Thanks!

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