SwiftKey offers workaround on disappearing QWERTY issue

SwiftKey offers workaround on disappearing QWERTY issue
If you have a Nexus handset that was updated to Android 4.2 with third party QWERTY SwiftKey already installed, you might have noticed some problems with your phone after the installation of the latest build of Android. Some have reported that the QWERTY has become disabled while others report that the QWERTY has disappeared altogether, along with some user data. If this were some rarely installed app, no one would be making a fuss. But because we are talking about one of the most downloaded utility apps in the Google Play Store, it is important for Google and SoftKey to know and get things straightened out.

The good news is that SoftKey is already working feverishly with the Android development team to find out what was typed into the code to make the QWERTY act like that. In the meantime, if your SwiftKey QWERTY has pulled a disappearing act, the developer suggests that you go back to the "storefront" where you purchased it and download it again. As long as you are logged into the same account that you used to purchase the app, you won't be charged a second time. To fully install the download, you might need to click on the SwiftKey 3 icon in your app drawer.

Once you do get the software installed, it is smooth sailing ahead. SwiftKey users are reporting that the QWERTY app works just fine on Android 4.2 once it is re-installed.

source: SwiftKey via AndroidCentral



1. Kan_wha

Posts: 88; Member since: Jun 25, 2012

4.2.0 is such a disappointment, buggy as hell. At least rolling back to 4.1.2 fixed everything, Swiftkey included haha.

2. thelegend6657 unregistered

I don't think 4.2 has much improved 4.1 Just like iOS 6 isn't a big leap over iOS 5 It just add some things that I won't use like lock screen widgets daydream . Some of the used stuff like new gmail and keyboard can be installed on older versions anyway

3. MC1123

Posts: 1256; Member since: Nov 12, 2012

i have this swiftkey...but why i dont have this swype-like gestures?

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